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Online Poker Rake Calculator at Juicy Stakes

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Online Pokersite deliver a different experience than every other casino game. In blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, slots, and so on the house has a built-in edge.

The winning players edge may be small; at online casinos, the edge in slots is just a couple of percentage points and in blackjack and video poker, if the player follows the best strategy in those games as it has been determined by statistical analysis of millions of hands, the house edge is less than 1%. That means that with just a little luck a player can finish a session winning some money and even if they lose, they lose very little.

Online poker sites are different. In online poker, you play against other real people. You aren’t sitting at a table or at a terminal playing against the house. Every pot goes to the winner of that hand. The only way for the poker room or casino to turn a profit and pay its expenses in hosting the games is by taking a small percentage of the pot.

This small percentage is called the rake. A rakeback calculator let’s you know how much rake or rakeback percentage you can expect .

Juicy Stakes Poker Site

Every poker room or casino has its equation for its poker rake calculator. The details for the Juicy Stakes rake calculator are posted in the FAQ section at the bottom of the home page.

Juicy Stakes Poker calls the rake its commission for hosting the games. Whether it is technically a commission or a fee is a moot point. The poker room takes a small amount from every pot or prize pool.

By the way, one of the best promotions Juicy Stakes Poker has is called the rake back in which players can receive as much as 36% of the rake the poker room took. The rake calculator poker rooms use are similar from room to room.

At Juicy Stakes Poker, there is a rake in every pot unless everyone folded to the big blind before the flop. In that rare circumstance, the poker room does not take a rake.

Juicy Stakes Poker Rake Calculator

The way the poker room calculates the rake is a bit complicated so we will walk you through it step by step.

Click on the rake calculator section in the FAQ. This opens up a short explanation of the rake information and then a place to figure out the rake for four different games.

These games are Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha High Low, and Telesina. On the left, you have to choose the game you are going to play. Then you choose whether you will be playing in a fixed limit, pot limit, or no limit game and can expect more rake or less rakeback.

The calculator then has a drop down menu of the various sizes of the blinds. Not every game has blinds, of course, but the chart assumes that it does. In a game without blinds, the number will reflect the ante.

In Telesina, for example, everyone puts in an ante as opposed to Texas Holdem where only the small blind and the big blind put in money before the cards are dealt.

You need to choose the size of the game you want to play in. The next thing you need to choose is the number of players in the game. The number of players will determine the average pot size for the specific game you are playing.

Finally, you choose the currency. The only currency options are Euro and dollars so if you deposit in any other currency, it will be converted into Euro or dollars before you play.

Finally, after you have made all of the choices you need to make, the rake calculator will tell you what the exact amount of rake is for that game under the parameters you have chosen.

fixed amoiunt Poker cards and chips

Let’s Do One Calculation

We chose Texas Holdem with pot limit and ten players. The rake is one cent for every 15 cents in the pot with a maximum rake of $3. Once you get the hang of reading the calculation it is easy to figure out the rake for any game, with any range of blinds, and any number of players up to ten players.

The rake we calculated is about 6.5% but the maximum rake means that in big pots the poker room will take a much lower percentage of the pot. The rake in a $100 pot is only 3%.

Always keep in mind that the poker room has to take some rake from every pot to cover its expenses and earn a profit.

Learn the Poker Variant Games

Some poker players write in the forums that poker rooms take too much as their gross game rake. For most players, the important thing to always keep in mind is that the games would not exist without a rake and by setting the maximum rake at about $3, Juicy Stakes Poker effectively tells poker players that they should concentrate on learning the games rather than on worrying about the certain amount of rake.

Furthermore, if everyone folds to the big blind, he or she wins the small blind and takes back their big blind ante and the online poker room doesn’t take anything from that miniscule pot or large pots.

Learn the Online Poker Games Well

The single biggest factor in winning long term or losing long term is how well players learn the game they choose to play. A Texas Holdem player may also enjoy Omaha but Omaha is a much different game.

Juicy Stakes also offers games in a wide range of gg poker blinds in the long run. You can play for pennies and get a massive amount of pleasure from playing or you can venture forth into the higher fixed limit stakes games. In the higher stakes cash games, the rake will be a small percentage of most pots since the pots grow quite quickly in high stakes poker.

We invite you to join Juicy Stakes Poker now! You will find a grand world of poker tournaments and simple poker games with up to ten people from all over the world “sitting” around the virtual tables and competing in the game we all love so much!

Choose your cash game and see how to gain from playing tighter players or loose players. Pick your pot sizes for more or less rake

Calculate your gross rake generated, how many hands played per hour and see what makes sense for your win.