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Are There Any Advantages to Downloading Juicy Stakes Poker?​

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Juicy Stakes Poker offers both a Juicy Stakes Poker software download version and a poker client instant play version. Some players prefer the Juicy Stakes poker download version while others prefer the instant play platform. To be sure, there is very little difference in the enjoyment you’ll get when you play on either poker cash games on download platform or the Juicy Stakes instant play platform.

Why Do Some Players Prefer the Juicy Poker Download Version?

This is a very subjective question. It might have to do with the computer hardware they use. There are players who use their computer to surf the internet, use email and other conveniences, and instant play games. The number of games a player can fit on his or her hard drive is a function of the modernity and powerfulness of the hardware.

If you like to play modern video games, you might choose to play poker on the instant play platform so you can save space on your hard drive for other games.

If you only play poker on your computer, you might choose the Juicy Stakes download for basically two reasons. The first reason is that some players are convinced that the interface in the Horizon Poker network download version is better than in the instant play platform. This was certainly the case in the past in every online casino. By now, the graphics, as other poker sites, in the instant play platforms have “caught up” to the generally excellent graphics in the download version.

The second reason to download is to have the poker room on your computer because of the inferior quality of your internet server or in the event of an entire breakdown in the internet feed in your area. The instant play platform only works on your internet server so if the internet goes down, you can’t play poker. If you have downloaded the poker site to your hard drive, then any loss of internet won’t affect your ability to play poker.

Many players download the poker room because their hard drive is much faster than their internet server’s speed.

So, it really depends on how subjectively you feel that the download version is clearer or sharper than the instant play version and also on the likelihood that the internet will go down in your area at regular intervals.

If the Download and the Instant Play Versions are Basically the Same What Should I Do?

We suggest that you start playing in our instant play platform and decide if you want to download the poker room based on your experience over time. It could very well be that you’ll start playing in instant play and continue there for many years!

The real question is what advantage do I have if I choose to play poker at Juicy Stakes Poker or at any other reputable poker room online? Here are a few of the most prominent advantages of playing poker online:

  1. You don’t have to travel to enjoy tournament entries.

  2. You can control your poker playing much more.

  3. Poker online is a lot more convenient than land based poker and offers more gold chips, special promotions and reload bonuses.

  4. When you play online you will forge friendships or competitive spirit with people from many walks of life, ethnic groups, ages, and so on.

  5. It is a lot easier to bluff online especially if you feel that you still have a bunch of tells that land based poker players can read easily.

  6. You have a lot fewer distractions when you play online.

  7. Online poker rooms take a relatively small rake because they have a lot more games going at any one time and still have less overhead than land based poker rooms do.

  8. Online poker rooms offer a wider range of satellite tournaments, a loyalty program where you can earn player points and frequent player points.

  9. Online poker rooms offer games in a full range of stakes from penny stakes, depositor freeroll to high roller stakes.

  10. Poker online goes faster so you play more hands and get more experience.

  11. Many poker rooms online offer a multi-table option to players.  It’s a lot easier to play at several tables online than on land where it is practically impossible.

  12. Your opponents won’t care if you take written notes about them.

  13. Some women do find it a lot easier to play when their opponents don’t know that they’re women.

  14. Poker players online can play an entire session without anyone offering them free whisky.

  15. Online Poker offer excellent customer service and Juicy Stakes Poker support is one of the best

Final Word About Juicy Stakes

The real pleasure of playing poker online is in the actual playing. The instant play platform works perfectly well for many players. The download version works belter for some players, especially those whose internet server is slow and not all that reliable. Experience the superior Horizon Network Instant Play option

Have fun and enjoy all the benefits of Juicy Stakes poker bonuses or a Juicy Stakes poker Welcome bonus. Use these to take part in top Juicy Stakes Poker tournaments, including Gold Chip tournaments from the Cake Poker Network and a bevvy of multi table tournaments and buy ins on casino games such as Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit Hold’em, No Limit Hold’em, Stud Poker and Juicy stakes offers on ring games.

Take advantage of all the loyalty levels program or VIP Program

Apart from these considerations, we invite everyone to play at Juicy Stakes Poker and to join now if you aren’t already a member of the Juicy Stakes Poker family!