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What are the Best Qualities of Juicy Stakes Poker?

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Juicy Stakes Poker is an established online poker room. It was established in 2009 which makes us a middle aged room in the world of online poker. In our Juicy Stakes Poker Review here we would like to tell you as much as we can about the poker room in a short article.

Poker and Casino

Juicy Stakes Poker is just one side of the website. The other side is a regular online casino featuring the online casino games that everyone enjoys playing. When you join Juicy Stakes Poker, you gain access to the casino side as well. You have one account that is interchangeable between casino gaming and poker.

What Do Poker Players Look for in an Online Poker Room?

Most poker players started out playing poker for pennies with their friends. They played for a few hours on the weekend and no one really thought about money won or money lost since the antes were all a single penny and the highest bet was probably five or ten cents.

Still, playing poker in this way, with the dealer deciding which variation of poker they would play on that hand, helped thousands upon thousands of young poker players to fall in love with the game. That means that many people would love to be able to play poker in more challenging games.

Unless you happen to live close to a land based poker room, you probably didn’t have access to the more challenging poker games until poker became available online. So, now almost anyone can play poker online and there are a number of online poker rooms. What do players want their poker room to provide?

Safety, Security, and Privacy

First of all, you have to feel at the core level that your money is absolutely safe. That’s why reputable online poker rooms and casinos use the top of the line encryption software to protect your assets.

It is easy to deposit and withdraw money from you account at Juicy Stakes Poker and you can deposit with an e-wallet account, a check, bitcoin, or a bank transfer.

Juicy Stakes Poker is part of a group of online casinos and poker rooms. They share player information only with the affiliated casinos and poker rooms and not with any outside interest. So, you might get a great bonus offer from a member of the Juicy Stakes Poker group!

Players Want a Friendly Playing Atmosphere

There is a one very big difference between online casino gaming and online poker. In the casino, most gamers play alone. You can play with friends or your significant other but most gaming in online casino games is done alone.

This gives gamers the freedom to decide when to play and how long to play. It makes gaming a welcome pastime, one of probably many pastimes that most people partake in.

Online poker is played against real people. This is a big challenge to every poker player. Suddenly the outcome of any hand is no longer in the hands of the random number generator as it is in all online casino games. The outcome of any hand is in the hands of real playing cards plus the very present human factor.

So, an online poker room can have a very cold atmosphere in which the cutthroat feeling some poker games give is always present or it can have a friendly, albeit competitive, feeling of playing with strangers who can become fast friends as well!

In every review of Juicy Stakes Poker, you will read that the playing atmosphere is very friendly – believe it – it’s true!

fixed amoiunt Poker cards and chips

Juicy Stakes has Soft Games

In the language of poker, a soft game is a game in which all or most of the players are relatively new to poker or are relatively less knowledgeable about the modern esoterica of poker. it is very unlikely that if an inexperienced player beats an experienced player in a bad beat that the experienced player would excoriate him or her as an idiot and worse as does happen in some YouTube poker clips.

When people say that Juicy Stakes Poker has soft games, they mean that it is fun to play in them and the players who lose are very Platonic about their losses. It’s not a big deal to them. That also means that the atmosphere is always very friendly and a sharp player might get just a little bit lucky and win often.

Players Want Excellent Promotions

Juicy Stakes Poker offers basically two types of promotions. One type may be a tournament that runs just once, on a special day. This year, the poker room is running a special free roll tournament on July 4 which, as everyone knows, is the date of American independence.

Juicy Stakes Poker also offers bonuses. The welcome bonus is for 200% of your first deposit up to $1000. That gives you a lot of bankroll to enter tournaments or to play against people from all over the world in regular games.

Just as online casinos have loyalty programs, Juicy Stakes Poker has a Frequent Player program in which you earn Frequent Player Points through your buy ins at tournaments or as a function of the rake in ring games.

Juicy Stakes also has a fantastic rake back program in which players can receive as much as 36% rake back!

Players Want a Large Selection of Tournaments

Juicy Stakes Poker runs so many tournaments that you really have to go to the site to read about them in some detail. Suffice it to say that the tournaments are generally GTD tournaments meaning that the top prize is guaranteed. These are not World Series of Poker guarantees but prize pools in the hundreds or thousands of dollars!

These are perfect poker levels for many online poker players. You can play in dally tournaments or tournaments that last much longer. There are special sundowner tournaments and special weekend tournaments. In fact, Juicy Stales Poker recently added new weekend tournaments because they proved to be so popular.

Juicy Stakes Poker even offers free roll tournaments in which the buy in fee is a very big zero dollars and the prize money tops off at $100. The free roll tournaments are the perfect place to get a lot of poker experience at no cost.

Join Juicy Stakes Poker Now

As you can see, Juicy Strakes Poker has all of the small and large elements that online poker players look for and want from an online poker room. Juicy Stakes Poker is now well into its second decade of operation.

Online poker is not quite the thousand year history you might find in Egypt, Greece, Rome, or China but for an online poker room to thrive in the competitive poker world and to continue into its second decade with a large and loyal group of players from all over the world is testament to the simple fact that Juicy Stakes Poker caters to poker players.

Poker players have a great time playing poker here.