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What are the Happy Details of the Promotions at Juicy Stakes Poker?

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Online poker rooms and casinos live by a few key elements. They have to provide absolute safety for players’ money which they solve by using the best encryption software available. They have to have a wide variety of games. Juicy Stakes Poker has many poker games and tournaments. They come up with new ideas all the time.

Online casinos and poker rooms also have to offer many promotions. The more the merrier, as they say in the world of online casino gaming and poker. Let’s talk about the long list of Juicy Stakes poker promotions starting with the poker welcome bonus. We’ll try to cover all of the promotions in this one article.

One thing we do want to emphasize here is that wherever there is a specific poker promo code for a given promotion, you need to enter the correct code in order to get into the promotion.

Juicy Stakes Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus for first time depositors is 200% up to $1000. The Juicy Stakes poker bonus code for the welcome bonus is Juicy1000. Instead of imposing a wagering requirement as online casinos do on all bonuses, Juicy Stakes distributes the welcome bonus in $5 increments based on Frequent Player Points. These are a factor of the rake in the pots your table played in. You get one FPP for every dollar of rake and seven FPP for every one dollar of entry fee you paid in to enter a tournament.

The welcome bonus is just one of the many Juicy Stakes Poker Bonuses. In fact, every promotion is a sort of bonus! 

Independence Day

One of the ways Juicy Stakes creates promotions is by looking at the calendar. Actually, for the July 4th promotion, they didn’t have to look at the calendar at all! July 4th is United States Independence Day and Juicy Stakes has created a great promotion for just that one day!

The promotion is great and in order to participate in it, you need to join up really soon!

What do Americans do on their national holiday? They have picnics, family outings, family reunions, barbeques, parades, and many more of the things that bring a diverse people together.

This July 4th many people will take part in a tournament sponsored by Juicy Stakes Poker! There will be four free roll tournaments with a $50 guaranteed top prize. This promotion will run every four hours.

The second set of tournaments has a $20 + $2 buy in fee and carries a $200 guaranteed prize pool.

Wipeout Series

If the wait until July 4th is too long for you, you can enter the Wipeout tournament. That will run from July 1st until July 3rd. The Wipeout Series is actually three tournaments with modest buy in fees. The first has a $3000 guarantee. It will run on July 1st starting at 8:30 pm EST.

The next day, Juicy Stakes will run the second tournament in the Wipeout Series. It will also start at 8:30 pm EST and will have a $6000 guaranteed prize pool. On July 3rd, you can join the last in the series. This tournament will have a $9000 guaranteed prize pool and the buy-in fee will be only $60 + $6.

All three tournaments will be in no limit Texas Holdem with starting stacks of 2000 units. This is a perfect opportunity for all poker players who are honing their skills in no limit Texas Holdem to enter a tournament for relatively little money and to challenge excellent players from around the world.

Sunday Sundowner

Until recently, this tournament, which takes place every Sunday, had a $4500 guaranteed prize pool. Recently, Juicy Stakes Poker raised the guarantee to $10,000! It proved so popular that it will stay at the $10,000 guarantee level indefinitely!

This is a large tournament with satellite tournaments that send some players to the main event.

fixed amoiunt Poker cards and chips

Frequent Play Points

This is similar to the loyalty points gamers accumulate when they play selected online casino games. Poker players all automatically collect FPP in two ways. The first is that you get one FPP for every one dollar of rake taken in a game that you are participating in. You get the FPP even in hands that you have folded in; as long as a rake was taken, you and all the other players in the game get one FPP for each dollar of rake.

The second way to earn FPP is by entering tournaments. You get 7 FPP for every dollar of buy-in you pay to play in a tournament.

Turn FPP into Money

You can get a non-deposit bonus using your FPP. For every 100 FPP you get one Gold Chip. The non-deposit bonus comes in there levels:

  • You get $5 for 20 Gold Chips.
  • You get $25 for 100 Gold Chips.
  • You get $100 for 400 Gold Chips.

Since you accumulate FPP fast through the rake accumulator and the buy-in fees, you can build up a large supply of FPP and Gold Chips and increase your bankroll with the non-deposit bonus.

The second way to turn FPP into money is through the FPP Race promotion which runs continuously every seven days for a week. In short, you win a share of the $4000 prize pool every week by accumulating a top number of FPP for that week. For the week prior to when this was written, the highest number of FPP accumulated was 1693.35 and that player won $420 and the lowest number of FPP for a share of the prize money was 696.50 FPP for which the player won $75.

Depositor Freeroll

This promotion encourages players to make a deposit. For every deposit of at least $25, you get FPP. Simply for making the deposit and accumulating FPP by playing in Juicy Stakes Poker’s many games, you will get a ticket to the following month’s freeroll tournament.


The rake is the commission Juicy Stakes Poker tales from every hand in which at least one player saw the big blind or raised the bet in the pre-flop betting round. Every player can formally request to be part of the rakeback program. Since the rakeback program tracks rake and the FPP promotion does so as well, by participating in the rakeback program players accumulate FPP at one half the rate that other players add up their FPP.

In essence, the rakeback program is one of the ways players can turn the rake in the games that they are participating in into dollars. One is through rakeback and the other is through the FPP promotion although rakeback program participants get FPP at half the rate.

The potential maximum rakeback is fully 36% of the rake which is extraordinarily high in the online poker industry.

Juicy Stakes Poker is Promotions

As you can see, we never rest when it comes to creating promotions that poker players like, sticking with the best promotions long term, and even improving on them.

A case in point for the latter item is the Sunday Sundowner which we raised to $10,000 from $4500 and was so popular that it will now be $10,000 for the time being which, who knows, might be a very long time, indeed.

Proof positive that Juicy Stakes Poker is the online poker room for you! Join now! If you are already a member of the Juicy Stakes family, there are games, tournaments, and promotions waiting for you!